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Love Your Brotha

This is the city of brotherly love. Let's do more to keep each other healthy. Let's protect ourselves from HIV and STDs.

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Let's do it with condoms and PrEP.

The "Love Your Brotha" Campaign

How do you do it in the city of Brotherly love? Condoms and PrEP work to keep you from getting STDs and HIV. PrEP can prevent you from getting HIV when taken daily. Let’s do more to keep each other healthy. Let’s do it with condoms and PrEP.

Check out the LYB site for fresh campaign downloads, a hot behind the scenes video of the making of Love Your Brotha, and all the information you need to order condoms, get tested, or find out if PrEP is right for you!

Keep your eye out for LYB posters throughout the city! See one in your neighborhood? Let us know!

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Resources on Do You, Philly!

Do You, Philly is a place for guys in Philly to get real information and resources about sexual health. You can order free condoms to your house, free test kits or learn more about PrEP!

Free Condoms

You can get free Trojan condoms mailed to your doorstep. The package is discrete and you can even request receptive condoms (sometimes also called the female condom) and anal lube! Request your free package by clicking here.

Free Test Kits

We understand getting to the clinic can be hard sometimes. That’s why you can request a free STD test kit to your house. We give you everything you need to test for chlamydia and gonorrhea in your throat, butthole and/or penis in the comfort of your own home. Request your free test kit by clicking here.


Did you know there’s a pill that can prevent HIV? It’s called PrEP. PrEP is safe, effective and most people can even get it for free! Learn more about how it works, how you can get it and why it may be the right choice for you here.

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Behind the Scenes of LYB!

Behind The Scenes Love Your Brotha Campaign
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